Reviews of the Best Rated Heat Pumps for 2015

Heat Pumps with the Best Ratings in 2015 Heat pumps have improved over the last few decades, and they are growing in popularity once again. Whether you live in a warmer climate and need a […]

Do Heat Pumps Replace Central Air Conditioners?

Do Heat Pumps Replace Central Air Conditioners? Can you replace a gas furnace/air conditioner system with a heat pump? That’s a question many homeowners ask as they consider the next heating and cooling system for […]

5 Ways to Save money on a New Heat Pump System

Heat Pump System Money Saving Tips Saving money on a new heat pump can be done if you know how to go about it. Most consumers today are eager to spend less when possible, and […]

Solar Powered Heat Pumps, The Sunny Truth!

Solar Powered Heat Pumps, The Sunny Truth! Solar powered heat pumps are units that are powered by a solar panel that is added to the system. The heat pump itself is typically a standard air […]

Average Installation Cost for Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Installation | Average Cost for an Installed Heat Pump? How much does it cost to have a heat pump system installed? Most homeowners want an idea of their total costs when deciding which […]

2012 Top Rated Heat Pump Brands

Heat Pumps with the Best Ratings in 2012 The top rated heat pump brands for 2012 share many common factors. They make high-efficiency models that reduce energy use and utility bills. Their product lineups offer […]

Comparison of Geothermal and Air Source Heat Pumps

Geothermal Versus Air Source Heat Pumps, Which is the Best Choice for You? In a comparison of geothermal and air source heat pumps, each one has its benefits that are likely to sway your opinion […]

Best Type of Heat Pump to Install in a Small Home Addition

Have a New Home Addition? | Choose the Best Heat Pump for the Space There are several options for the best type of heat pump to install in a small addition. They include a standard […]

Best Heat Pump Systems for a Tight Budget

Tips to Save Money on Your Heat Pump Purchase What’s the best heat pump system when money is tight? Depending on how much space you have to heat and cool, there are two options that […]

3 of the Highest Efficiency Heat Pump Systems for your Home

Choose One of These Heat Pump Systems for Maximum Efficiency Heat pumps are becoming more efficient than ever, saving money on energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Many homeowners are choosing high-efficiency heat pumps […]

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