Benefits of Variable Speed Air Handlers and Heat Pumps

Buying a New Heat Pump? | Choose an Air Handler with Variable Speed for the Most Benefit If you’ve been shopping for heat pump systems, you’ve been faced with the decision of choosing a single-speed […]

5 Common Heat Pump Problems that May Require a Service Call

Heat Pump Issues that Could Require Service Calls As you consider buying a heat pump, you may want to know what can go wrong. Here are 5 common problems that may require a service call. […]

2017 The Year Of The Heat Pump

The Popularity of Heat Pumps in 2017 There are many ways to heat your home. Besides all of the traditional methods are some new innovations and other sources of heat to consider. The market for […]

Learn How to Diagnose and Repair Heat Pump Problems

Heat Pump Problems: A Troubleshooter’s Guide Heat Pump Problems: Outside unit will not start Possible Solutions: Defective circuit breaker, disconnected wires, defective thermostat Heat Pump Problems: Circuit breaker continually trips when unit starts Possible Solutions: […]

Four Advantages of Heat Pumps over Hot Water Heating

Heat pumps have several advantages over a hot water heating system. This guide briefly explains both systems and outlines the benefits heat pumps have over hot water heating. How Heat Pumps and Hot Water Systems […]

3 Features of Heat Pumps that May Increase the Price!

3 Features That Increase The Price What features make heat pumps cost more? There are several that can significantly increase the cost of the system, though none of them are essential. Here are the 3 […]

Reviews of the Best Rated Heat Pumps for 2015

Heat Pumps with the Best Ratings in 2015 Heat pumps have improved over the last few decades, and they are growing in popularity once again. Whether you live in a warmer climate and need a […]

Do Heat Pumps Replace Central Air Conditioners?

Do Heat Pumps Replace Central Air Conditioners? Can you replace a gas furnace/air conditioner system with a heat pump? That’s a question many homeowners ask as they consider the next heating and cooling system for […]

Solar Powered Heat Pumps, The Sunny Truth!

Solar Powered Heat Pumps, The Sunny Truth! Solar powered heat pumps are units that are powered by a solar panel that is added to the system. The heat pump itself is typically a standard air […]

2012 Top Rated Heat Pump Brands

Heat Pumps with the Best Ratings in 2012 The top rated heat pump brands for 2012 share many common factors. They make high-efficiency models that reduce energy use and utility bills. Their product lineups offer […]

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