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Bryant Heat Pumps  Bryant heat pumps are among the most efficient, high-performance models in the industry. Always on the cutting edge, the company’s products deserve to be compared with top models from other industry leaders like Carrier, Lennox and American Standard. With a large product lineup, there is a heat pump for every need, including Energy Star models with outstanding performance and lower-cost models that offer exceptional value.

Facts About Bryant

Charles Bryant was a true entrepreneur in America’s industrial age. He began making furnaces in 1904 and the company he founded has been on the cutting edge of development ever since. Bryant is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Technologies, the same company that owns Carrier and Payne. Bryant makes residential and commercial HVAC equipment of all types including heat pumps, central air conditioners, furnaces, air purification systems, air exchangers and more.

Bryant Heat Pumps

Bryant makes 3 lines of heat pumps in order to offer something to each consumer. All of the models are Energy Star rated and will help cut heating and cooling bills significantly when replacing an older heat pump. Bryant high-efficiency heat pumps are also popular with homeowners committed to green technology. Bryant backs most of its heat pumps with a very solid 10-year compressor and parts warranty. Here’s an overview of the Bryant heat pumps.

Bryant Evolution Heat Pumps: With efficiencies as high as 19 SEER and 9.5 HSPF, these are among the most efficient heat pumps in the industry. They use less than half the energy of heat pumps just 15-20 years old. These 2-stage heat pumps are ideal for keeping the indoor climate very comfortable in every season.

Bryant Preferred Heat Pumps: These models have the same high quality found in the Evolution Series but slightly lower efficiency. You’ll find a mix of single- and 2-stage models to meet your needs. All Bryant Preferred heat pumps are Energy Star rated with efficiency levels as high as 16.5 SEER and 9.5 HSPF.

Bryant Legacy Heat Pumps: Many brands offer a low-price line that represents a significant drop-off in quality. That’s not the case with the Legacy Line. These are well-built, single-stage heat pumps that offer Energy Star efficiency up to 16 SEER and 9.0 HSPF.

Bryant Heat Pump Prices

The Evolution heat pumps have fairly high prices due to their efficiency and performance. The Preferred Series heat pumps are priced somewhat higher than many brands’ middle series, but they are also more efficient and of higher quality. The Bryant Legacy Line heat pumps are competitively priced and some of the best entry-level heat pumps on the market.

The exact price of the Bryant heat pump you select will be determined by the size of the model, how efficient it is and whether it is a single-stage or a 2-stage model. For Bryant’s least expensive units, you’ll pay less than $2,000 while large-capacity Evolution heat pumps may cost more than $5,000.

Installation costs will include extra materials as well as labor costs. Be sure to get multiple estimates in order to find the lowest prices from competent installers.


Bryant heat pumps are among the highest-rated in the industry for quality, performance and energy efficiency. When you want a reliable heat pump from one of the most trusted names in the business, a Bryant heat pump is definitely worth considering.


8 Responses to “Bryant Heat Pumps”
  1. Ted says:
    Price Value 44444
    Performance 44444
    Satisfaction 44444

    Bryant has worked great for us for years. We have a bryant and a Carrier heat pump system (same installer even) and you can’t tell the difference between the two.

  2. Larry says:
    Price Value 55555
    Performance 55555
    Satisfaction 55555

    Extremely pleased with our Bryant systems. They work flawlessly.

  3. Kerry says:
    Price Value 44444
    Performance 33333
    Satisfaction 33333

    Significantly noisier than my 20 year old Bryant was. Defrost cycle did not keep up well this winter, so unit iced up frequently (still worked though). In fairness, this was one of the worst winters in years.

  4. Jared says:
    Price Value 44444
    Performance 33333
    Satisfaction 33333

    They work okay. I have a 4 ton and 5 ton bryant evolution(same as carrier infinity). The compressor of the first went out within five years. Contractor never registered so I had to foot part of the bill. I can’t say as if they are worth the money. I’m in northern PA and they do not work well in the winter.

  5. Carol says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Our FB4NF036 air handler motor went out in less than 2 years.

  6. LW says:

    “Purchased this $5,000 unit after sitting with the owner of Powell ac and Heating at our kitchen table who recommended it in January of 2010. Have had five service calls for repair since installation.
    On 7/27/2013 the fan motor stopped working. Was informed that both the seller and manufacturer were aware that the motor would go but chose not to replace it until it actually broke down. As it happened on a saturday, we went three full days in Florida without A/C while they waited until Monday when they ordered the new motor and another two days until they could replace the motor. It was covered under warranty but the labor was not. Cost us 400.00 to replace.
    On 6/17/2014, the unit stopped cooling again. This time the repairman said that there was an “unrepairable leak at Utube top” and that the coils had “moved together” and burned that hole. Of course, the coils are under warranty but the labor and replacing the coolant is going to cost us $1200.00. Every bit of savings you get from a lower electricity bill will be lost on repairs to these defective units.
    On 12-24-2014, the unit was not cooling. Called Powell and was told that this time, it was a “leak on the reversing valve” and that once again, $1200 would need to spent for the repair and to replace the coolant – which has JUST BEEN REPLACED 6 MONTHS EARLY.
    As I write this, it is 90 degrees in my house on July 9th 2016 in Florida. The X13 Fan Motor – that was replaced in July of 2013 – has gone out again – less than three years later. Happening on a Friday, and with the Bryant/Carrier supplier closed until Monday – the part WILL NOT EVEN BE ORDERED UNTIL MONDAY. NO ESTIMATE given of how long until received and replaced.

    • Bill Hollenstein says:
      Price Value 11111
      Performance 11111
      Satisfaction 11111

      Had the same problems but this time they said the parts are no longer available. So now they want to sell me a new one. They say it will be an up grade but at the age of the unit it’s crazy. I will not own another bryant they just don’t last .

  7. Tom Pellegrini says:
    Price Value Not Rated
    Performance 22222
    Satisfaction 11111

    Did not put a price value. The system came with the new home I purchased five years ago. Within the first two years numerous relays and compacitors needed to be replaced. Then 15 months ago when the owner of the service company could not correct a problem, he replaced the heat pump. Also the air handler fan motor has been replaced twice, the second time was today 5/31/17. I am wandering what is next with this system.

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