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Goodman Heat Pumps  Goodman is the second-largest manufacturer of residential AC and heating products in North America. This includes their well-known line of Goodman heat pumps.

Founder: Harold Goodman – a former AC contractor.

Their goals/philosophy: High quality and very reliable products; lower cost; trouble-free installation.

Products include: AC, Goodman heat pump, gas furnaces, packaged Goodman heat pumps, air quality products, air handlers and coils.

Warranties available: Standard and specialized component warranties, as well as extended service plans.

Goodman heat pump systems: 16 SEER SSZ16, 14 SEER SSZ14, 14 SEER GSH14, 13 SEER GSH13, GSH Commercial and international products.

Goodman heat pump – packaged heat pump products include: Dedicated Horizontal 13 SEER GPH13H, Multi-position 13 SEER GPH 13M, Multi-position 13 SEER GPH13 M Commercial, and international products.

What type of equipment is included with the typical Goodman heat pump that is installed today? The total package will include: a compressor (motor) unit, designed to operate very efficiently, an air coil (for condensation – larger than you might find on other types of equipment), the unit will also need a fan and a motor to operate it (again it should be efficient), and also a heat-exchanger.

Heat pumps – and this includes Goodman heat pumps – will also make use of a ‘refrigerant’ – a substance that aids in the transfer of heat. Refrigerants are usually a gas, and cause condensation to occur when they pass through the air coil. Most people are familiar with the gas/air coil system used in most refrigerators, and similar technology is used in Goodman heat pumps.

One of the most amazing things about geothermal heat pumps – and Goodman heat pumps include the geothermal heat pump type – is that they tend to be more efficient to operate than the other types. Why is this? Because, in the winter, the temperature of the soil is relatively warm. (Goodman geothermal heat pumps have the ground – or groundwater -as their heat source.) The air source heat pump, in contrast, must move heat from cold outside air to the inside, and it must work much harder to do this.

Goodman brand products (which includes the Goodman heat pump line) received the 2005 innovation award

The Goodman CLQ 14 SEER AC was chosen as a ‘Best Buy’ but Consumer’s Digest.

Goodman heat pump distribution network is extensive – over 700 distribution points service the public. Company-operated distribution centers are located in Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Texas, California. Goodman heat pumps are available for purchase through these as well as other outlets, and local contractors.

Goodman Global, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the NY Stock Exchange. Ticker symbol: GGL.


12 Responses to “Goodman Heat Pumps”
  1. Lisa says:
    Price Value 55555
    Performance 33333
    Satisfaction 33333

    Although they get a bad rap, Goodman makes great products at a fair price.

    • Pat Brasher says:
      Price Value 22222
      Performance 11111
      Satisfaction 11111

      I have had my unit since April of 2015 and it’s been one thing after another. First, they had to put a coil in it within a few months after I bought it. Then they had to put freon in it and now within 2 years I am having to spend money on heat strips..why? because they do not WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I am very angry. I will never get another Goodman ever again. People do not buy a Goodman unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Paul says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    System is only 6 years old. Coil went out earlier this year and now the compressor is locked up. Do not recommend this unit to anyone.

  3. Ryan says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    I have a 4 year old Goodman heat pump that has already had wholesale replacement of both the indoor and outdoor evaporator coils due to major leaks. Goodman’s warranty does NOT cover the refrigerant or labor, so my most recent repair cost me over $1,000 out of pocket. I could not be more dissatisfied with this company.

    • Dislikegoodman says:

      Same thing happened to us, now 4yrs later happening again, there is a class action against Goodman right now for this very issue. however summer is coming and again Goodman unit has let us down and we have to pay for it. -10 Stars!

  4. Barry says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Both my upstairs and main units are Goodman. I have had nothing but problems with them both from the start. Both inside coils have been replaced and now the main unit has to be replaced, AGAIN. I will never install or recommend the use of a Goodman product to anyone.

  5. Robert says:
    Price Value 33333
    Performance 22222
    Satisfaction 33333

    I was assured the Goodman heat pump we had installed was all that was necessary to heat our house in winter. IT ISN’T!!! The installer did not bother to explain how cold weather affects the unit and it’s heating ability. Furthermore, I believe he bought the lowest priced unit on the market because I have been in other houses heated by heat pumps that, when the outdoor temperature drops below a certain point, apparently a backup heating system kicks in to take over heating the house. However, in mine, I have to change it manually. When I contacted Goodman with the model number and serial number to see if there was a problem, I got no answer other than to see the installer. Well I don’t trust the installer, so where does that leave me? The duct work he installed does not allow air to move into half the house so only half my house is heated. The rest is cold, witness the 46 degree indoor temperature in my bedroom while the kitchen and den were a nice toasty 70!

    When I purchase another heat pump, I will probably purchase from another manufacturer that will supply information about his products.

    • Patterson Heating and Air says:

      Robert, Everything you described is lousy system design by the installer. If a proper Manual J Design and duct sizing report was done before actual installation, your rooms would all be within 1 deg of each other. I only put in Rheem and Lenox heat pumps but have worked on numerous systems with Goodman units installed. What happens in 95% of cases with problems, is that your new or not to good installers, put in Goodman equipment because it is cheaper or doesn’t require dealership requirements, (training skills, etc.) from installers. It gives Goodman a bad name when 95% of the time the problems are caused by poor installations. A lot of times comments are made about poor factory support on phone calls. I think a lot of times, customers don’t understand how warranty and support services in the industry work. We the installer buy and get support from our distributors who intern get their support from factory. This includes warranty and technical support from factory. It all comes through the distributor. Also as a side note almost none of the manufacturers have labor warranties. The only labor warranties are through your installer. Most don’t give this. They have not priced in multiple visits to your house to repair warranty issues. So you the final customer get ripped off. Either Goodman or Installers fault. While I think equipment manufactures should supply some sort of labor support, I do understand with so many faulty installations why they are reluctant to do so. They would have to start policing the installer.

      Don Patterson

  6. Steve Gage says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    I have a goodman heat pump split unit system (inside and outside) that has started failing at 3 years and now has failed three times over the last year. It was mostly the inside unit which had the transformer and then the control module failed 3 months later and just before the 5 year parts warranty expired. The latest is the outside unit return valve that is stuck so the heat pump is stuck in AC mode while the inside unit is trying to heat…not a winning or efficient operation. My choice is spend $840 to repair it, or toss in the towel, cry uncle and then buy a York or Carrier system for $5400 installed complete. This is my worst heat pump system in 33 years!

  7. Joshua Lowe says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    My upstairs 3Ton Goodman heat pump started to have problem two years after installation in 1999. We have to have service calls every year for $500-$700 to get it going. It had Freon leak starting from the third year. It was leaking again one year after evap coil replacement. My electricity bill running at $400 at summer months. I finally got over with it because it died two weeks ago beyond repair (compressor shorted to ground and condenser fan motor won’t spin freely). This is the worst heat pump I ever had. If I can rank it “0”, I would. The carrier heat pumps that my mother have did a little better than that. I saw my neighbor’s Trane and Bryant keep running without too much trouble. I am convinced that Trane is a better choice. I truly believe ranking feature and performance is totally different than ranking reliability. It takes time (20-30 years of observation to get there. It’s just like ranking the reliability of the laptops. My ThinkPad laptop from 2005 (T43) is still running and all other laptops all have various problems even the Dell Latitude E6540 purchased in 2013 and HP ZBook 2014. So the Lenovo ThinkPad or Apple MacBook Pro are the only two brands that I will purchase from now on. My next Heat pump will be Trane.

  8. Darren says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Disastrous results with our Goodman heat pump, heats fairly well in northeast winter conditions but is SUPER LOUD when defrosting, almost embarrassing. Had two compressors replaced in five years and still house is not cool in summer, pure crap. Went and bought window a.c for our bedroom while waiting for service appointment and not sleeping all week. Do not, DO NOT BUY GOODMAN…..

  9. Cob Constantz says:
    Price Value 44444
    Performance 44444
    Satisfaction 44444

    My Goodman heat pump works just fine. Installed in 2014. Cools in the summer, heats in the winter. Will come back and update every so often to see how things are going.

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