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Mitsubishi Heat Pumps  Mitsubishi heat pumps are some of the most efficient, technologically innovative products available for heating and cooling. The popular minisplit systems are making ductless heat pumps a viable options in homes and businesses all over the world. With efficiency levels higher than central heat pumps can provide, and a philosophy of heating and cooling zones for greater efficiency, more buildings are being equipped with a ductless heat pump system every year.

Facts About Mitsubishi

The full name of the company that makes innovative heat pumps is the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. It was founded in 1921 in Kobe, Japan. The company’s first products were electric engines for ocean-going vessels, a truly revolutionary idea. It branched out into consumer products such as electric fans as well as a variety of commercial endeavors. Since the 1960s, Mitsubishi has been making air cooling and heating products. The company has been on the leading edge of environmentally friendly technology since for more than 50 years. Today, Mitsubishi makes an impressive array of home electronic appliances and other products. The company employs more than 100,000 people in 35 countries around the world with net sales over $30 billion per year. Mitsubishi headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan.

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi has long been on the cutting edge of minisplit heat pump systems. They offer an exciting alternative to central HVAC systems which require duct work throughout the building and heating or cooling the entire building, not just rooms being used. A major hurdle was making the units affordable and Mitsubishi and other manufacturers of ductless minisplit heat pumps have done that.

A ductless heat pump consists of an outside unit known as a condensing unit and one to eight indoor air handlers that serve specific rooms or zones. A single small hole is made in the wall of each zone to accommodate a bundle that includes an electrical line, a refrigerant line and a condensate hose. The hole is covered by the air handler which is located high on the wall or on/in the ceiling in most cases. The air handler contains a coil through which heat is transferred and a small fan to distribute heated and cooled air. Mitsubishi covers most of the ductless minisplit heat pump systems with a 7-year compressor warranty and a 5-year parts warranty.

Mitsubishi MXZ Series Slim Jim Heat Pumps: This is the most popular heat pump series made by Mitsubishi. Models come in different sizes to accommodate from 2-8 indoor air handlers. Efficiency levels include efficiency ratings up to 26 SEER. Capacity available ranges from 18,000 BTU which is equivalent to a 1.5 ton heat pump, to 54,000 BTU which is equivalent to a 4.5 ton heat pump.

Mitsubishi City S Series Heat Pumps: Designed for larger homes and light commercial settings, these units offer efficiency levels up to 22 SEER. Available in units of 36,000 and 48,000 BTU, the Mitsubishi S Series heat pumps can serve up to 8 rooms or zones.

Mitsubishi Air Handlers: The company makes multiple air handler series that work with their MXZ Slim Jim and City S Series heat pumps. They give you the freedom to mount the units in the ceiling, suspended from the ceiling or on the wall. Free-standing floor air handlers are also available. These air handlers include the P Series, S Series, M Series, Fixed-Speed Series and the Zubadan Series.

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Prices

The Slim Jim and City S Series minisplit heat pumps are priced very competitively with standard split system heat pumps. The least expensive are small-capacity heat pumps with a 2 indoor air handlers. They cost less than $1,200. Large-capacity systems with multiple indoor units will cost more than $5,000.


Minisplit heat pumps are growing in popularity and Mitsubishi continues to be an industry leader in design and efficiency. If the space you want to heat and cool does not have a central HVAC system, a Mitsubishi ductless system is an outstanding choice. They are also being chosen more often for heating and cooling both new additions and entire new homes and buildings.


10 Responses to “Mitsubishi Heat Pumps”
  1. Donna says:
    Price Value 44444
    Performance 22222
    Satisfaction 22222

    Had a mistubishi ductless installed in our bonus room and its always breaking down. it was cheap, but not as worth it as some others.

  2. jeanne kowal says:
    Price Value Not Rated
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    This is the worst system ever. Do not believe the brochures the City of Seattle issues. They don’t keep the room warm, when you set the remote for on/off times the unit never comes on/off. They ruined my siding installing this worthless system. I can hardly wait for my electric bill. I hope to retire at the end of this month, and now I will have no heat in the front room. Please please do not get a heat pump system. It will only cause you misery.

  3. Linda says:
    Price Value 44444
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Had this installed in master bedroom because I like to sleep at around 65 degrees. It will not cool below 68 after running 12-14 hours. Outside temperatures are in upper 70s. Takes hours to lower even a couple of degrees. Had for five years now and cannot get satisfaction from Company that did install and maintenance every six months. Of course now, they want to sell me a new unit. Not Mitsubishi, they don’t do those anymore. Gee, I. Wonder. Why.

  4. John says:
    Price Value 22222
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Had 3 mini-split systems installed in 2011. Wthin 3 year one broke down with a bad compressor (very expensive fortunately under warranty) but the labor cost of $800 is not. The second one broke down in the 4th year with a bad circuit board (barely under the 5 year warranty). Again, Labor cost was $900. Now, the 3rd unit broke down outside of warranty. Diagnostic and Repair is currently being performed. Cost of repair will likely be much higher than $1000.

  5. dale sabine says:
    Price Value 44444
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    This thing is 3 years old and stopped working. The cost of the part is 30.00 dollars. The labor is not covered and is over $300.00. This thing is JUNK

  6. dale sabine says:
    Price Value 44444
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Buyer beware

  7. brian Kilcommons says:
    Price Value 33333
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Purchased two
    Mitsubishi Heat Pumps | Minisplit Heat Pumps. Less than a month old and the large two ton unit would only blow cold air, it is 18 degrees here to day. R & B HVAC come over, here for 4 hours (good use of my time) much of it waiting for a response from M level 2 tech people. I start calling and we finally get a tech after way too long. R&B called the following day and they are still waiting for the elusive level 2 tech people. In frustration they finally call their distributor. The late response is they are sending an new control board. The units come preinstalled with 31/2′ s of freon. The problem unit has 11/2lbs for not distinct reason. There may be a small leak. It can only be tested with “sophisticated equipment. Today is now Friday, this started Wednesday. Control board in hopefully Monday and they will come back Tuesday.
    On with customer service for over an hour. They are now saying it is the installers fault, but they are not sure. So I spend thousands of dollars to get a “new” unit where within a month the controller board goes and there is a leak in the system.
    Mitshubishi customer service is a joke.If you call them have a book handy. Evidently with the number of calls they are receiving they may have considerable problems with their products. They charge top price for inferior products backed up with poor customer service. If they do not resolve this to my satisfaction I am having the units pulled and will go with Fugitsu or Daikin. Mitchubishi has little regard for their customers time, cost or convenience.

    More as this circus unfolds.

  8. David Brown says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    As a contractor purchased first systems and had issues from day one. After 100 hours of warranty work and 1 year of no heat and cooling for a customer is unsat. Tech services is a mess and how they handled this issue was unreal. Had to have boards sent back to Japan to be reprogrammed and could not tell anyone what time frame for repairs.
    Will never purchase a system again, nor sell one. Have one that was scraped for junk.
    Units have issues, it is not the issue, its how you deal with it. They failed. From top to bottom, cannot ever recommend a Mttsubushi heating & Cooling system for anyone.

  9. Jim says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 33333
    Satisfaction 11111

    I had a Daiken heat pump for ten years and decided to replace it. All four reps that came for a quote told me it was extremely loud. Well it was really extremely quiet compared to my new urchase.
    I had installed a floor mounted MUFZ KJ60VEHZ Hypercore. I was told this was a efficient and silent unit.
    Firstly it heats the room as stated. Silent? Not by any means. Outdoor unit sounds like an idling car at the back wallof the house. The indoor unit is shabbily put together and the panel vibrates with a loud buzzing sound a several times ever hour. Had the installers back to check and as usual no buzzing while they were here. I would not recommend this unit to anyone considering a purchase.

  10. John Onstad says:
    Price Value 55555
    Performance 55555
    Satisfaction 55555


    I’ve been installing Mitsubishi Electric (ME) heat pump air-conditioners in NM for almost 10 years. This year (2017), we’ll install upwards of 200 systems and our total ME revenue will be over $2 million. We get rave reviews from EVERY customer and our warranty claims are probably 1/2%.

    Thus I don’t know what planet the above reviews are from. My guess is these folks,in the interest of saving money, bought the equipment on-line and had their brother-in-law or some jackleg install it.

    We have homes where it’s the sole source of heating and worked perfectly at -20 F.

    ME equipment is the best there is.

    John Onstad, President
    Hubbell Electro-Mechanical
    Santa Fe, NM

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