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Payne Heat Pumps  Payne heat pumps offer some of the best prices and value in the industry. Payne doesn’t enjoy the household name recognition that Carrier or Trane does, so the company works hard to grow market share through lower prices and high quality. Currently, there are just 2 Payne heat pump models, though that is expected to change as the company grows.

Facts About Payne

The Payne Company has actually been in business since the 1930s. It began as a large, regional supplier of HVAC equipment in America’s growing West and Southwest regions. Soon Payne was making their own oil and gas furnaces. As air conditioning became viable for residential use, Payne started building central AC units and later, heat pumps too. In the 1970s, Carrier bought the company, maintaining the Payne brand name and the commitment to low-cost, high-value heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces.

Payne Heat Pumps

As mentioned, Payne currently makes 2 heat pump models. Both are single-stage heat pumps. They are popular with homeowners in mild climates who don’t need a high-efficiency heat pump. They sell well to consumers who desire lower equipment costs. They are also a top choice of rental property owners and homeowners who need to replace a heat pump before putting their home up for sale. Here’s a look at the Payne heat pumps.

Payne PH15NB: This model achieves Energy Star status with 15 SEER and 8.2 HSPF performance. Payne backs it with a very good 10-year parts and compressor warranty.

Payne PH13NB: This is not an Energy Star model, with 13 SEER and 7.7 HSPF. This single-stage heat pump comes with a 10-year warranty which is very good for standard-efficiency heat pumps.

Payne Heat Pump Prices

With a goal of capturing the entry-level, high-value consumer, Payne keeps prices very low. They make heat pumps from 1.5 ton to 5.0 ton capacity, so size is the major factor in the price. A 1.5 ton model can cost less than $1,500 while the largest model will be less than $3,000 for just the unit. Installation and additional materials are extra.


If you are in the market for a low-cost heat pump that is made with quality parts and backed by a good warranty, a Payne heat pump might be just what you’re looking for. They offer a good combination of value and reliability.


10 Responses to “Payne Heat Pumps”
  1. Billy says:
    Price Value 22222
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Just like the name implies… nothing but a payne! Always in need of repair, and our contractor is always wanting more money!

  2. Marie Lynch says:
    Price Value 33333
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Two years old to the day and the blower fan has died! I discovered that almost all blower fans in Payne Heat Pumps installed in the past two years have failed. The company knew about the defective fan motor but did nothing to correct the situation in heat pumps already installed. The should have been a recall but now I think we need a class action lawsuit!

  3. Ernesto says:
    Price Value 55555
    Performance 33333
    Satisfaction 22222

    Installed Dec. 2009. One repair so far. Board that told unit to defrost failed. Warranty. This fix left coolant pressure to high. I later paid $235 for the coolant pressure adjustment, done by a different repair service.

  4. Patricia williams says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 55555
    Satisfaction 55555

    Nothing but problems leaks 5000.00 insurance claim caught fire and it smelled like it is burning now got to call someone again have had 6 repair calls

  5. Matthew Lee says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Two split units in two-story home. Nothing but trouble from day one! replaced one unit already. Other unit was pain in rear. It was destroyed by electrical surge & definitely will not be replaced by a Payne(PAIN) unit.

  6. Johnny mapp says:
    Price Value 22222
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    I’ve had this unit for four years and every year it leaks down the blower has quit will not be buying another Payne unit like the name says Payne it truly is a pain im just tired of this unit.

  7. Richard says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance Not Rated
    Satisfaction Not Rated

    84 degrees heatpump runs constantly to keep inside 75 degrees. Winter the heatpump is just as bad. It was put in new before I bought the house. I’m very disappointed with the unit.

  8. R Mullins says:
    Price Value 33333
    Performance 22222
    Satisfaction 11111

    From my original Facebook post:

    To anyone considering replacing their air conditioner or heat pump, you need to read this first. I have one of each. The A/C is my original 20 year old unit and my heat pump is four. The heat pump, made by Payne, broke down a couple of weeks ago due to the fan motor and capacitor dying.

    The tech called Payne since it still had a year under warranty (parts, not labor) but they were out of motors and they were on back-order until January. So he asked if he could install a generic motor until then to get me by and they said no but I was welcome to put one in at my own expense (about $200). Shocked, he asked if they were really willing to let my unit be down through winter but they apparently didn’t care and had no problem with that.

    Fortunately, the tech had an app on his phone that allowed him to search for Carrier parts around the country. Carrier, Payne, Heil, Tempstar and a few others are now all part of a company called ICP. This is not to be confused with the musical group called Insane Clown Posse, although right now I’m not so sure. It stands for International Comfort Products, LLC.

    Anyway, the tech found me the correct motor and ordered it. ICP wouldn’t even pay the shipping, which fortunately was only about $20 since it was fairly close by. This took care of the problem and we are back in good shape, thanks to a good, caring tech.

    Moral of the story: If you’re shopping for a new unit, pick one that cares if you’re going to be broken down for a few months or not. And stay away from ICP (the company, not the group. I’m kidding. Stay away from the group, too!)

  9. inez says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    broke down .5 year after the warranty expired. only lasted 5.5 years what a waste of money. unhappy

  10. Ronnie Roberts says:
    Price Value 44444
    Performance 22222
    Satisfaction 11111

    Price was good, but you get what you pay for. This thing has been nothing but trouble. I have to have it worked on every winter & every summer. fan goes out, defrost board goes bad. Hard to get parts for.I would never buy another Payne. It is just a Payne in the @**.

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