Heat Pumps with the Best Ratings in 2012

2012 Top Rated Heat Pump Brands  The top rated heat pump brands for 2012 share many common factors. They make high-efficiency models that reduce energy use and utility bills. Their product lineups offer diverse products for a range of customers. And they have excellent service records for quality. Here are the 2012 top rated heat pump brands.

Carrier: This highly-rated brand takes top honors this year in part for the introduction of the newest Carrier heat pump the Carrier Infinity 25VNAO, also called the Carrier Greenspeed. This dynamic new heat pump delivers 22 SEER cooling and 13.0 HSPF that is the highest in the industry. Quality is found throughout the entire lineup, demonstrated by the fact the least expensive series, the Carrier Base heat pumps, are backed by the same 10-year warranty the top of the line Infinity heat pumps carry.

Trane: This brand has one of the best service records in the industry. All Trane heat pumps are durable and very reliable. The top of the line Trane XL heat pumps offer excellent efficiency and indoor comfort. They are also dual fuel models that can be used in a split system with a gas furnace, making them an ideal choice for northern climates. Trane’s other lines, the XR and the XB heat pumps, offer more affordable options in a range of efficiency levels.

Lennox: Top of the line Lennox Signature Series XP models are efficient and dependable. Fans of green technology appreciate the Lennox SunSource solar modules that can produce enough power to run the entire HVAC system in sunny climates. XP modules are also dual fuel for greater versatility. Elite Series and the Merit Series of Lennox heat pumps offer a range of performance and efficiency choices that are more affordable.

American Standard: One of the HVAC industry’s oldest brands, American Standard continues to develop energy-efficient heat pumps that offer excellent climate control. The American Standard Platinum Series delivers efficiencies up to 19 SEER and 9.0 HSPF along with 2-stage performance. American Standard Gold and Silver Series products offer good choices for homeowners depending in their climate and need for energy efficiency.

Rheem: For excellent value, Rheem heat pumps are hard to beat. Rheem’s 3 lines are the Prestige, Classic and Value Series, with a range of efficiency levels for different needs. There is good quality found throughout the lineup and Rheem heat pump prices are very competitive for a brand with their track record of reliability.

Take time to browse products from all of these brands. You’ll find quality models with the efficiency and performance you want in your next heat pump. When you make the decision to purchase a new heat pump, you will want to get several estimates from HVAC contractors. It will be helpful to know the average heat pump installation cost so you are knowledgeable when speaking with each company.


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