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Window Unit Heat Pumps  Window unit heat pumps use AC technology to supply both air conditioning and heating to a room or zone. These units are quite new but are growing in popularity because they provide cost-effective heating in single rooms and zones. It is much cheaper to heat with a window heat pump than it is with a space heater.

What Is a Window Unit Heat Pump?

A window unit heat pump is a window AC that does double duty. It cools as usual in hot weather. In cool weather, the work of the refrigerant is reversed and heat is captured outside and brought into the house.

Some window air conditioners include a heating coil similar to those used in space heaters. These units are not the same as window unit heat pumps. The heat they create is much more costly. When shopping for a unit that both cools and heats, make sure it is a window heat pump and not just an AC with a heater if you want to keep your utility bills as low as possible.

How Does a Window Heat Pump Work?

These units contain refrigerant that has the ability to capture heat, carry it somewhere else and release it. In a window unit heat pump, it travels a short distance, unlike in a central heat pump system.

When cooling, the refrigerant captures heat from the inside air and releases it in a coil at the back of the unit. The coil is not the same type of heating coil mentioned above, but more like a radiator. You’ve probably noticed the sharp, narrow fins on the back of a window air conditioner. Their role is to maximize surface area and speed up the transfer of hot air.

The technology is reversed for cooling. Heat is drawn from the outside air and released at the front of the unit where the fan blows it into the room.

What are the Most Common Brands of Window Unit Heat Pump?

The leading brands of window unit heat pumps are Amana, American Comfort, Carrier, Comfort-Aire, Crosley, Danby, DeLonghi, Friedrich, General Electric, Soleus Air and Sunpentown (SPT).

How Much Does a Window Heat Pump Cost?

The price is determined by the capacity of the heat pump – they range from about 8,000 BTU to 25,000 BTU—and the features it offers. The smallest window unit heat pumps cost $500-$700 and the largest models cost more than $2,000. Units in the popular 12,000-18,000 BTU range cost $800-$1,400.


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  1. William says:
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    We installed a window heat pump unit in our garage because I run my business from there. The installation was very easy and it worked great this winter. Looking forward to seeing how it cools during the summer!

    • Dusty says:

      to William, What kind of window heat pump did you install? Thanks, Dusty

  2. Sandra Preston says:

    Anyone have experience using a Koldfront 25,000 btu heat and cooling unit? Does any one know if the koldfront units are heat pumps?

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