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Florida Heat Pumps  The Florida Heat Pumps Company is now a part of the Bosch Group. The company was founded in 1970 in Pompano Beach, FL and was purchased by Bosch in 2007. Florida Heat Pumps, or FHP, is a leading producer of water source and geothermal heat pumps. It has been on the forefront of developing innovative technology, helping to make geothermal and water source heat pumps a viable option for today’s homes.

Facts About Florida Heat Pumps

Based in Fort Lauderdale, the FHP-Bosch Group produces both heat pumps in the company’s 128,000 square foot facility. Employing approximately 200 highly-trained associates on the factory floor, FHP is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of these high-efficiency heat pumps. FHP-Bosch engineers work to incorporate the best available technology into every model, with the goal of reducing costs for heating and cooling while increasing environmental responsibility.

FHP-Bosch Heat Pumps

FHP manufactures both commercial and residential heat pumps. For residential installation, both single-stage and 2-stage systems are available. In addition, FHP makes both water to air systems and water to water systems. Here’s an overview of the product lineup.

A water to air system uses an air handler with a blower motor to circulate heated and cooled air through ductwork. The FHP water to air systems are:

EC Series High Efficiency .5 ton to 6.0 ton systems

ES Series Ultra Efficiency 1.5 ton to 6.0 ton systems

ES 2 Stage Ultra Efficiency 2.0 ton to 6.0 ton systems

AP Series Extreme Efficiency 2.0 ton to 6.0 ton systems

AP Split Series Extreme Efficiency 2.0 ton to 6.0 ton systems

CA Series Ultra Efficiency .75 ton to 1.5 ton systems

TRS Series Superior Efficiency 3.0 ton to 35 ton systems

A water to water system heats and cools water that is circulated either through tubing in the floor or through radiant baseboard systems inside the house. FHP water to water systems are:

WT Series Extreme Efficiency 2.0 ton to 6.0 ton systems

Cost of FHP Heat Pump Systems

For residential sizes, cost will vary based on the size and the level of efficiency. For just the equipment, Florida Heat Pumps range in price from less than $4,000 to more than $8,000. The installation and the additional materials will increase the total installed cost to $10,000 – $30,000, possibly more.


Florida Heat Pumps make some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. They are far more efficient than air source heat pumps because stable ground temperatures make it much easier to dump heat in the summer and collect heat in the winter.

Geothermal and water source heat pumps like those from FHP are becoming more cost-effective. While the initial costs of installation remains higher than those for an air source system, the reduction in energy use and utility bills makes them a good value and an environmentally responsible choice in the long-term.


10 Responses to “Florida Heat Pumps”
  1. Jamie says:
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    Performance 55555
    Satisfaction 55555

    We were skeptical about Florida heat pumps but after talking with our neighbors and having one of our own installed, we were wrong. They are however expensive to have installed.

  2. ORLANDO says:


  3. Don Sharp says:
    Price Value 44444
    Performance 55555
    Satisfaction 55555

    I have a LTV-40-1 Water to Air unit that I had installed in 1985 and it is still running today. I have had very little maintiance on my unit. My blower fan has been running continusously for at least 26 of those years. I run it to keep air moving as I have one unit handling 3 levels consisting of 3200 sq. feet.
    I have had to add a little freon from time to time. The most problem I have had is control of the water.
    The variable control water valves used have been replaced at least once. The last time they gave me trouble I backed the springs off to make valves stay open all the time and insalled a simple 24 volt controlled vale that you would use in a lawn watering system and tied the power source of the stepdown transformer to the compressor contactor so that when the compressor comes on the water valve will open and water flows a full volumn. Not most effecient use of water but it was low cost and has been working for over a year.
    I am currently trying to find what model is available today that would drop right back in the same spot wit minimal rework to space and hook up. Because no uf us live forever.

  4. tom periou says:
    Price Value 33333
    Performance 22222
    Satisfaction 11111

    Have two fhp water source heatpumps, One unit 2 stage es model has been less than satisfactory, and the service is only partly to blame. I have already replaced the circuit board on the unit twice, and now the evap coil is leaking and in need of replacement (corrosion). The circuit does have a 10 year warranty, but no allowance for labor after 60 days! The estimate to replace the coil is in the $1000.00 range for labor only. The unit was installed in march 2009, I know, it’s an old unit. What makes me give the FHP such a bad review is that when I called FHP I was told that the replacement coil would not be available until the end of the month. The request for the replacement part was Oct 2 or 3rd the delivery date would around the 27 of the month. Is it my imagination, or could I get products from china faster.

  5. Shirley Brown says:
    Price Value 55555
    Performance 55555
    Satisfaction 55555

    My Florida Heat Pump was 12 years old when hurricane Irene came through here and was working great. a month after she passed while we were still cutting up 50 downed trees we found that the water line that runs into the ditch to the river was broken off in the root of one of the downed trees. The last one he cut of course and the water had backed up into the whole system and into the duct work. We had to have a whole new system in including everything even new duct work. Insurance paid for it and we used a company that is now out of business and I am having a terrible time getting a replacement motor for the fan than just failed last week. The local guy was told by Bosch in Fla that it was coming out every day. Everyday now has been 10 days! Last Friday he was told that they were doing inventory! That it might come out today. It has been in the 90’s here. I am 70 years old and snapping every one’s head off, so now I just want to snap at Bosch! Love your product but hate the service. It would not have anything to do with that it is under warranty would it??? Oh the best part after the new system was put in we discovered termites under the house from all the water! So beware when your unit goes out and there is water under the house, its a tea party for those devils!!

  6. Tony says:

    I work on A/C equipment, I love these units. Very well built and very few problems seen with other manufacturers.

  7. Margaret E says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 22222
    Satisfaction 11111

    We built our house in 2009 and had a geothermal system installed using parts by this manufacturer. We have four zones in the house and this system did not do well at all in keeping the cool areas cool and the warmer ones warm but it was tolerable indoors and we believed we were saving money on utility bills so we put up with it. In about five years the system broke down in the middle of the winter and the first of a series of major repairs began. The fact that these parts were still covered under warranty helped only a little as the labor was expensive. Fast forward to this year during just a warm period and it failed again. Florida Heat Pump was extremely slow in getting the major replacement parts to us and this was twice just in the early summer! Two times we offered to pay for expedited service and neither time did they comply. We had changed local AC/heating services early on due to problems with the original installer so they were able to get the system to work VERY well for just over three weeks. Then the whole system went down again. When Florida Heat Pump failed to ship the last of the large, expensive parts at all – to the best of my knowledge – we called it quits and are putting in a conventional system with a reputable manufacturer. I seriously doubt, when we calculate all the repair bills, the delays and the extreme discomfort for going on, that we saved any money at all. I cannot recommend any system made by this company based on our truly abysmal experience.

  8. Dale Wilds says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    I built my house in 2001 my unit has never worked right from the start. The unit took forever to cool the house and plus I had to use my wood fire place to heat my house. The house is insulated to the max. My unit is a 2.5 ton. I had the contractor check the unit. He added an extra pump for circulation of the water source to help with the heating and cooling. That did not help. All down through the time I have had the unit I have had electrical boards changed 5 times at a $125.00 each time because they pop. Capacitors because they swell and sort out. Fan Relay’s burn up. Come to find out since I’m out of warranty I am told the compressor is not the size that is supposed to be in the unit. to change the compressor that’s going to cost me another $1200.00. The compressor in the unit is a ZR22K3PTV. What is supposed to be in the unit is a GT030. I called the Florida Heat Pump Company and was told, We don’t talk to home owners only contractors thank you and hung up. Take my advice DO NOT BUY A FLORIDA HEAT PUMP GEO THERMAL SYSTEM. This system has done nothing but bleed me dry on cost. It was supposed to saved my on my electric. I would have been off to have put in an electric heating unit instead.

  9. Ken Spray says:
    Price Value 33333
    Performance 22222
    Satisfaction 11111

    Bought our Florida GEO system, but since then Bosch has bought them out. I have a leak in the evaporator coil. Our unit is still under warranty, but my Installer can’t get Bosch to stand behind the warranty.

  10. Mark says:
    Price Value 11111
    Performance 11111
    Satisfaction 11111

    Agree with Dale completely. Getting ready to replace the evaporator coil, and not with a FHP brand. Evaporator coil was patched/repaired previously. We average two service calls per year at least for some repair or another. From experience, FHP’s are pieces of junk. I’m in the difficult position probably many/most FHP owners find themselves in–whether to continue to repair or cut the losses and get a new unit (obviously not a FHP/Bosch).

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