Sanyo Heat Pumps | A Minisplit Ductless Heat Pump that's Worth It's Hype

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Sanyo Heat Pumps  Sanyo heat pumps offer a very viable alternative to standard air source heat pumps. These minisplit ductless heat pumps work well in older buildings where installing or replacing ductwork isn’t feasible. With their efficiency level and performance, Sanyo heat pumps are also a good choice for new construction in residential and commercial settings.

Facts About Sanyo Heat Pumps

This company was founded in 1947 by Toshio Iue, who named the company Sanyo, or 3 Seas in Japanese, because of his love for the ocean. The Sanyo Electric Works first made bicycle generator lamps before branching out into radios, televisions, washing machines and many other home appliances. In the 1980s and 1990s, Sanyo entered the heating and cooling industry and has been making efficient, soon becoming an industry leader. Sanyo employees more than 50,000 people worldwide, and has headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

Sanyo Heat Pumps

Sanyo ductless heat pump systems are offered in 15 different configurations. They match an outdoor condensing unit with one or more indoor air handling units. Single-unit and multi-unit systems are available. The systems offer SEER ratings from 14.0 to 20.0 and HSPF ratings from 8.0 to 10.0. Here is a list of Sanyo heat pumps. In most cases, the first 2 numbers reflect the number of BTUs the system produces in thousands. For example, the Sanyo Ceiling Recessed heat pump 26XHW72R is a 26,000 BTU model. Each system gets its name from the location the indoor units are installed.

Sanyo Ceiling Recessed Heat Pumps: 26XHW72R, 36XHW72R, 42XHW72R.

Sanyo Wall Mounted Heat Pumps: 09KHS71, 12KHS71, 18KHS72, 24KHS72, 26KHS72R.

Sanyo Ceiling Suspended Heat Pumps: 26THW72R, 36THW72R, 42THW72R.

Sanyo Mini ECOi Multi Split VRF Heat Pumps: CHX03652, CHX05252.

Sanyo Concealed Duct Heat Pumps: 26UHW72R, 36UHW72R.

Sanyo Heat Pump Prices

Sanyo heat pumps are priced competitively with other ductless systems as well as similar capacity central heat pump systems. A very basic unit may cost less than $1,200 while a large unit that utilizes multiple indoor air handlers may cost more than $5,000.


Sanyo makes a complete lineup of minisplit systems that work in every type of setting. They are very popular in commercial settings and their use in residential settings is increasing rapidly. If you’re searching for an efficient, cost-effective heating and cooling solution, the Sanyo ductless heat pump systems should be considered.


3 Responses to “Sanyo Heat Pumps”
  1. Sharon says:
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    Satisfaction 33333

    My husband recommended we get a Sanyo after he saw them in a catalog. The price was right and he installed it himself, so far so good.

  2. RD Schubbe says:
    Price Value 33333
    Performance Not Rated
    Satisfaction 11111

    After much research, consideration and money spent I’m very unhappy with the Sanyo Minisplit system.My level of frustration was not high with the reluctance of service men in my area but with determination and confidence I continued my search hoping that this would be the answer to my 1 1/2story farmhouse heating and cooling issues. It took 11months to find someone in my area to install it and that only after collecting on a personal favor. Installation was acceptable, and I use that term bc it did take an extra hole punching on the outside wall of one bedroom. So far I was still happy with the experience and the following use of about 84days using the AC. The unit quit one night, call same serviceman out to look at it. at this time he tells me that the main motherboard for the outside unit quit working. No problem I still had a few weeks left on the warranty. Ordered and received a new motherboard for main outside unit, used another 29days only to have the second motherboard go out too. Now, nothing is working and warranty is no longer valid. Sanyo is NOT the minisplit ductless system I will ever go with again. Sanyo has not be workable with me even though I have paperwork to prove my purchase date. Now they want $1,700.00 to get the thing to work again! The risk factor is to high in my opinion, but then again I also have experience with the Sanyo company which is a total failure. I will NOT BE USING SANYO. I know that the ductless/minisplit system is usable and efficient so I will go back to the beginning and search out another company option. As poor as the Sanyo interactions left me I still will welcome another company option.

  3. Sheila Roberts says:
    Price Value 33333
    Performance 22222
    Satisfaction 22222

    Unfortunately we are having exactly the same issues that the previous post had. We are not under warranty. It was over 4000.00 to put in and the inside control board failed.$ 800.00 more now 4 months later the outdoor board has failed. Another $1000.00 to fix. I would not reccommmend this brand at all.It is very hard to even find a technician who knows how to work on them. Even from the people whom we purchased it from.

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